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  Atasu Engineering company works on design, construction and management of water & wastewater treatment plants and provides consultancy  services to other companies, industries and governmental organizations.   

  Atasu aims to become a leading worldwide company in the field of water and wastewater technologies.

  Atasu tries to present qualified engineering projects to the customers by prioritizing  the principles of sustainable environment and professional ethics in engineering.


MSc. Environmental Engineer
General Manager

Meet Our Team

  • Project
    • Adem GÜZEL / Enviromental Eng.
    • Şirin Fatma UÇAR / Enviroental Eng. & Civil Eng.
    • Nasir Ahmad-AHMADI / Enviroental Eng. & Civil Eng.
    • Arslan KESKİN / MSc. Civil Engineer
    • Cengiz SUNGUR / Mechanical Engineer
    • Mehmet ŞENER / Electrical Engineer

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  • Mechanical Design & Workshop
    • Serhat TANYERİ / Enviromental Engineer
    • Cemil YURTÇU / Technician
    • Murat KUMCU / Technician

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  • Environmental Consulting
    • Ceren Ceyda UYAR / Enviromental Engineer

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  • Accounting – Purchasing
    • Tevfik UÇAR

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  • Technical Advisors
    • Selahattin BEYAZ / Enviromental Engineer
    • Dr. Mert Yücel YARDIMCI / Civil Engineer

In addition, we work with our business partners for geological survey, map  and other field works.

Yasemin ÖZDEMİRGeneral Manager

Adem GÜZELEnviromental Engineer

project design

Serhat TANYERİEnviromental Engineer

Mechanical Design & Workshop

Ceren Ceyda UYAR
Ceren Ceyda UYAREnviromental Engineer

Environmental Consulting

Şirin Fatma UÇAR
Şirin Fatma UÇAREnviroental Eng. & Civil Eng.

Nasır Ahmad AHMADI
Nasır Ahmad AHMADIEnviroental Eng. & Civil Eng.

Melek EMEK
Melek EMEKTechnical Drawing


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